Be a frugal founder. Save money on services you don't need

Quickly and easily track how much you spend starting and running your company. Don't throw away your valuable $$$ on services you don't need.
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Onetime Expenses

Track one time or recurring (monthly or annual) expenses.

Recurring Expenses

Recurring expenses automattically get applied to your project.

Usage Based Expenses

Some services change based on your usage of their platform.

Multiple Projects

Track multiple projects, identify overlaps and total spending.

Share Access Soon

Let all your team help track expenses.

Fully Responsive

No natives apps to install, access from anywhere.

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About Deaton

Forged in the fires of a Produt Hunt hackathon
Mubashar Iqbal

Built in public, Deaton helps you track your startup expenses

From idea to what you see here today, we have documented every step of the process.

Part of the 2017 Product Hunt Global Hackathon, markers in startups around the world helped to forumlate the best product for tracking startup expenses.

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Simple Pricing

For Solo Entrepreneurs
  • Perfect for anyone getting started
  • 1 Active Project
  • Unlimited Expenses
For Team of 1-5 Members
$ 10 100 /mo /yr Save $20 a Year
  • Perfect for a Small Team
  • 10 Active Projects
  • Unlimited Expenses
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Mubashar Iqbal


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